Psychological Transitions


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Alice Randolph, Ed.D., MS Clinical Pharmacology
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Alice Randolph is CEO and a psychologist licensed to practice in several states. She has many years experience in geriatric services as well as clinical and administrative hospital work and private practice. She has recently earned a post doctoral Masters Degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology and has presented at many state and national conferences. She is a past president of the Ohio Psychological Association and currently chairs the Regulatory Committee and Task Force on Prescriptive Authority. She has served on the Board of Directors for the last 9 years. She has been active in legislative reform of Medicare related issues and advocacy for access and parity for mental health services, especially for older adults. She has conducted training in geriatric mentral health care for all levels of professional & care giving staff.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Division 55, American Society of Pharmacotherapy, the Ohio Psychological Association, Psychologists in Long Term Care, the Associa

tion for the Advancement of Psychology, the Ohio Prescribing Psychologist Association, She is a recipient Award of Excellence, 2000 and President's Award 2003 and a Member of the American Psychological Association Task Force on Medicare.




Sherry Roberts
Chief Operating Officer




Ms. Roberts is Chief Operating Officer of Psychological Transitions and is responsible for the growth of the organization from a practice serving four nursing homes in 1993 to our current status as a provider to hundreds of facilities in several states. Her experiences as owner of a personnel placement service provide the organization with excellent recruiting and retention programs to aid in maintaining the highest quality of staff. She has negotiated outstanding benefit packages and keeps the organization on the cutting edge of technology. She has a rich background of community service and is active in advocacy for mental health services especially for older adults and in legislative reform of Medicare issues.





Throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Nevada doctoral level psychologists provide care to residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our staff maintain current knowledge and skills through ongoing continuing education in psychopharmacology, geropsychology, Alzheimer's Disease, and Late Life Developmental Issues. Psychologists not only provide excellent clinical care to residents, but are available for staff development and patient education.